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If you'd like to donate to Joe's campaign like so many other youth have done, all you need to do is fill in the following information:

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That's all you have to do! Just remember, if any bad men come around asking questions, your parents gave you the money as a gift before you decided to make a generous donation to our campaign.

Cheers to you Mr. Volpe, keep up your good work!

This mirror of has been brought to you by Uncommon Truths

Classy. Articulate. Even tempered.

These are just some of the qualities that make Joe Volpe our choice for Liberal leader. But to win the leadership, Joe needs your help!

How You Can Help



Sell your Apotex stock options and donate up to $5,400 of the proceeds to Joe's campaign.

Skip going to university.  A year of university costs upwards of $5,400, which would be better spent on Joe's campaign.

Don't have $5,400?  Consider getting adopted by wealthier parents.

Have more than $5,400 to give? No problem: just give the money to a friend or family member who's as commited to Joe's campaign as you are.

Try taking a new generic prescription drug! Each dollar you spend helps raise money for Joe Volpe's leadership.

Want to support Joe, but don't know if you can?  Talk to your parents, you might have already done your part!



Welcome To Youth For Volpe*!

*Formerly Children of Apotex Inc. Executives for Volpe

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"Joe Volpe's deep commitment to integrity inspired me to support his campaign! I borrowed $5,400 from my parents in a manner compliant with all campaign finance regulations as they then existed." -Ann Lee, age 4, Calgary


"When I found $5,400 in a brown envelope on a chair in a restaurant, I knew right away that the best way to use it was in support of Joe Volpe!" -Andrew Cogliano, age 8, Montreal

"We spent the last two years saving our money so we could help make a difference in the world. We decided to support Joe Volpe!" -Chris & Toby Aggarwal, ages 6 and 5, Barrie